Expertise skills on the Smartphone and Tablet applications

The universe of the mobile applications is nowadays growing strongly. It is characterized by a number of devices and relative operating systems. Our experience lets us address the companies towards the most suitable choices, in accordance to their requirements. You can find below some of our Case Studies:

  • M3: Conversation engine

    The application, that has been developed in collaboration with our partner Enuan represents one of the possible channels for the M3 platform. It has been conceived to be used on the IOS, Android and Blackberry systems. It integrates the innovative functionalities of TTS (Text to Speech), VR (Voice Recognition) and Global Push Notification.

  • TMon: Tunnel Monitoring

    It has been projected for the purpose of maintenance and surveillance of different kind of tunnels. Such activities begin with the periodical, human or instrumental surveys, concerning the conditions of all the tunnels and of the executed maintenance interventions. Such surveys are of great importance, especially in case of the penal consequences related to incidents caused by the lack of maintenance and damages suffered by persons or property. The system allows to gather all the information concerning surveys, that can be therefore easily consulted in its database. It was conceived as a web oriented application and had a natural development in the mobile environment, as a solution for technicians in charge of tunnel surveys.

  • TTS (Task-Time-Sheet)

    It guarantees a constant update, through the use of a Smartphone or a Tablet, of working activities and of time of their execution. It supplies a module for the calculation of the expense allowances. The devices furnished with GPS are able to keep track of the movements by calculating the intervention times and the mileage.

Expertise skill in the Portal Technology

Over the last few years we matured a remarkable know how of the design, fulfillment and governance of the portals within the enterprise environment. Here you can find some of our Case Studies:

  • INAIL portal(

    Support to Bea System in relation to the documentation, design, development and installation of an architecture oriented towards the services (SOA), in the environment of development, trial and production in the BEA dominions (WLS 9.2 – WLP 9.2) with the aim of portal realization.

  • Telecom Italia Data warehouse Portal

    The portal interfaces with PCS (Safety Centralized Platform) and manages the connections with about twenty secondary systems realized with use of Oracle Business Intelligence 10.1.3 technology. It is a unique access point and gives opportunity to make use of the reports and of their dashboards displayed directly within the application (Oracle Portal 10.3).

  • WebCare BT Italia portal

    The portal is dedicated to the BT customers and allows to send the technical, commercial and invoice-related queries. Moreover it allows to report a failure of one or more activated services and to check the work progress. It gives the possibility to research the invoices and to acknowledge the payment status and the updated reports related to the kind of traffic performed by each user (Web Logic Portal 8.1).

Expertise skill within Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has always been a driving force that allows to support a wide number of customers. Here you can find some Case Study:

  • Business Intelligence for Telecom Italia

    Analysis and development of the Business Intelligence applications on the Oracle BI EE 10.1.3 platform (BI Server, BI Presentation, BI Interactive Dashboard/BI Answer) for the corporate systems of Customer Contact, New Customer Profiling, Integrated Customer Profiling.

  • Business Intelligence in BT Italia

    Supervising, designing and reporting activities of the corporate process flows (Crm, Delivery, Marketing, Customer Care, Billing, etc. ) through the use of Business Object 4.0/4.5. The assessment and governance of all the corporate Business Intelligence applications.

  • Business Intelligence and Monitoring Portal for Intesa SanPaolo

    The development of PMU (Unified Monitoring Portal) and of the underlying BIPE (Business Intelligence Performance Engine) used for the creation of a synthesis of performance of the Intesa SanPaolo client’s technological platforms, according to monitoring services/systems from the OLAP point of view. BIPE is configurable and allows to program the most evolved functions for the calculation of the indicators to be published.

Expertise skill within Business Process Management

The BPM became a fundamental and strategic sector for the boost of productivity of a company. We have undertaken in this field a new course, based on skill and use of the new technology (Oracle Suite BPM, Intalio, JBpm, etc.) in order to develop a significant part of the core business. Following are the Case Studies:

  • Delivery of the Unbundling Local Loop to BT Italia

    A complete system for the management and delivery of the Unbundling Services to Albacom. As an absolute point of reference to the users of delivery, it allows to carry out correctly all the phases of the large number of processes and a real time monitoring of all the activities carried out by delivery in relation to all the Direct services. It interfaces with all corporate systems involved in the process (Siebel, Clarify, Network Systems: Stargate, Communication with Telecom: Pegaso), through the integration bus (WebMethods).

  • Web Planner Pathnet Provisioning System

    A web-oriented type of system (developed with Asp.Net technology on Db SqlServer) is used to plan the activities of a customer (installation and configuration of the networking frameworks). The activities are managed by a workflow engine and are therefore planned and carried out according to the modalities defined on the platform. It involves a set of clients who share information that is essential for the correct provisioning of the supplied services.

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