Monitoring and maintenance of the tunnels

TMon has been projected for the companies and PA’s whose duty is to maintain and supervise the tunnels.
Such activities begin with the periodical, human or instrumental surveys, concerning the conditions of all the tunnels and of the executed maintenance interventions. Such surveys are of great importance, especially in case of the penal consequences related to incidents caused by the lack of maintenance and damages suffered by persons or property.
TMon allows to gather in its database all the information related to the surveys and allows its quick consultation.

The tool becomes essential during the planning of the interventions, as it allows a construction of an easy consultable chronology useful to the designers.
The main characteristic is completed by its compatibility with Autocad and by an intuitive and agile graphic interface.

TMon has been developed with the most cutting-edge technology available: Adobe Flex Adobe Flex
The system uses the Tomcat Tomcat platform and the Oracle database.

A quick tree-shaped navigation for the choice of a tunnel.
Individuation of a tunnel, also based on the distance in kilometres.
Subdivision in the longitudinal sections of the tunnel’s vault.
Subdivision in the transversal sections for the tunnels constructed with different forms and/or materials.
Description of the entrance/exit portal.
An immediate graphical representation of the defects detected along all the length of a tunnel and all the vault and pavement. The same representation for the entrance/exit portal.
An immediate graphical representation of the planned interventions
Exportation to the dfx format with the possibility of overlaying the detections and interventions
Exportation to the xls format of the detections and interventions.
Possibility of attaching the project documentation, documents, photos, at the tunnel’s level.
Set of reports concerning the indicators of deterioration and of the areas that decayed due to the lack of interventions.
High configurability.

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